New Hampshire’s New Approach to Encouraging Community Trusts

Farmington CommunityWith all the negative news regarding police officers all across America, most people have developed a certain distrust towards those that upholds the law. Trigger happy cops have been on the news over and over, as well as those who are abusing power and aiming them at the people they’re sworn to protect.

Making a Difference

However, the police department of Farmington, New Hampshire has come up with a new way to not only restore the people trust on them, but also to each other. The idea was simple. Instead of watching out for crimes and law breaking, they also encourage their numbers to keep an eye out for citizens that are going out their way to follow the law.

Little things like using turn signals and crosswalks – things that could be easily ignored – are rewarded by a gift certificate for a slice of pizza or an order of fries. And it was a hit among the members of the community.

The idea was originally thought by Farmington’s Police Chief Jay Dury after their town was under a heavy snowstorm. That day Dury said he saw a man go out of his way to use to crosswalk despite the weather hounding him.

Implementing the Program

The Police Chief thought to himself that the man deserved a medal for doing what he did. The man lingered in his thoughts for two days until the idea crossed his mind.

“I can’t give him a medal, but maybe I can do something else,” Dury said. So the Police Chief headed out to Crowley’s Variety & Grill and teamed up with the local convenience store to implement his idea and help the program get off the ground.

And it was a success. The Holy Rosary Credit Union bestowed a donation of $250 to Crowley to help fund the program, and went on to promised to provide more donation if it continues.

Farmington Police Sgt. Brian Driscoll handed out the certificates on that recent day, surprising law abiding citizens with the gift cards. He gave one to locals David and Tracy Menard after Driscoll saw the two of them use every crosswalk as they went about the town. Driscoll thanked the pair for following the law and for making his job a tad easier. The couple lit up and responded how much they appreciated the new program.

Warm Hearts and Belly

Farmington New Hampshire is no stranger to crime and far from being free from it. With a popular of 6,800 citizens, the town has been witnessed to 22 violent crimes in 2013, a number of which are rapes, aggravated assaults, arson, and burglaries according to federal crime data.

This program is a great concept as it can strengthen the trust between the people of Farmington and the police officers upholding the law. It would also help foster good behaviors among citizens. After all, free fries or a slice of pizza for using the crosswalk? That’s a heck of a deal. Not only would it warm people’s stomach on a cold winter day, but also their hearts.

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