Jeb Bush’s Visit on New Hampshire

Jeb New HampshireAs the electoral campaign is at full throttle presidential candidates are now swinging from state to state trying to pull voters on their side. Recently, Jeb Bush, son and brother of two previous presidents, visited New Hampshire to talk about his views, platform, and plans for this country should he ever win the whole race.

Arriving in the town-hall with a tie-less button down shirt and gray slacks, the aspiring candidate wanted attendees to simply refer to him as “Jeb.”

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Jeb Bush wanted to make an impression of simplicity, ordinary; someone who’s on tier with the masses. Bush then went on with current issues he means to solve.

He talked about ISIS and described the terrorist group as a “long-haul threat.” His contention is that the U.S. should recognize its role in rebuilding the Iraqi military so they can fight on their own. U.S. forces shouldn’t be sent there to fight the Islamic State but rather to send some troops to “help train Iraqi forces and identify targets.”

This got him nods from the voters as some of them feel that the U.S. does involve itself with a lot of foreign issues, especially matters concerning warfare.

This way it’ll help the country stand on its own to fight off threats that have gotten a firm foothold throughout the years. He also took a jab at Obama’s decision of pulling their troops out which he believes is the reason for the Islamic State to thrive and flourished.

But he also slipped a few times when asked about his brother’s decision of invading Iraq in the first place, which some people believed created a lot more harm than good.

On Immigration and Common Core

Jeb Bush’s stance on the former is that illegal aliens in the country should have a path to legal status – but not citizenship. They should pay fines and taxes, have provisional work permits, received no support from the government, learn English, and refrain from committing crime. Violation on any of these should result in deportation.

He also calls for a more stringent immigration law such as prosecuting businesses that hire undocumented aliens.

On Common Core Jeb Bush is an advocate, a standpoint that could hurt his campaign as the rigorous high-quality academic standards is becoming more and more unpopular among parents and academic activists.

It can be noted that comedian Louis C.K. was hailed for his tweet last April criticizing Common Core.

“My kids used to love math! Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and Common Core,” went the tweet. One of the biggest complains about the educational initiative is how taxing it is for young students.

The New Hampshire voters are still far from deciding who they’ll be supporting in the upcoming election. But some of them have already formed a strong negative opinion about Jeb Bush. Protesters during the candidate’s visit formed outside the hall holding signs like “Stop Common Core. Stop Jeb Now!”

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