New Hampshire – travel’s guide

New Hampshire, the state of sun, clear lakes, mountains, and fresh air, has attracted thousands of tourists through centuries. The geography of the state varies largely, and tourists have different types of commodities here, as well as, a large range of outdoor activities. One of the major factors that attracts a large number of visitors is the hospitality of people. Tourist fell like they are at home, whether they are just sightseeing, or having some adventure. Every different year types of visitors come here, from families with small children to elderly people. This state has few cities that have been declared as the most livable in the nation.

Lake Region

Lake Winnipesaukee is one of the largest lakes in New Hampshire; this is a Native American name, and it means smile of the great spirit. It has around 240 miles of shoreline. Some people say that this lake has an island for each day of the year, not so much, but it is pretty close. Lake Winnipesaukee has 274 islands.

Opposite to Winnipesaukee Lake, New Hampshire has a bit secluded Squam Lake. Its tranquility and peaceful scenery attracted the producers of the movie On Golden Pond. This movie got an Oscar, and a few of its scenes are made on this lake.

The White Mountains

This is the highest mountain range in northeastern part of the United States. The European Darby Field first climbed these mountains and later he called the highest peak Mr. Washington. Today, people have the opportunity to use the auto road or railway to get to the top of Mr. Washington. People all over the state come to hike or climb, as well as to take pictures and enjoy the fresh air. Each peak is named after the early presidents of U.S., and they covered with scenic forest.

Monadnocks and Merrimack Valley

The Merrimack River Valley contains the state’s fastest growing cities. On the other side, you have Monadnocks region; this is one of the New Hampshire’s least developed parts, which has beautiful nature. If you enjoy hiking, here you will find a lot of trails and hilltops with an extraordinary view.