Barak Obama in New Hampshire – I inhaled, that’s the point

During the New Hampshire’s campaign trail in 2007, Barak Obama who was the senator back then, was asked a question, will he prosecute the people who are using marijuana for medical purpose? His answer was negative, which invoked large cheers from the crowd attending the campaign.
Obama made a joke on Bill Clinton reference who once said he smoked marijuana but never inhaled. Obama said: that’s the point, to inhale.
Eight years later and two presidential terms, it is obvious that Barak Obama had made a monumental decision regarding a pot and changing an American policy since the first drug was made illegal. Now, 24 states allow the use of medical marijuana and some of them have even legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Recreational use for more than 50% of people

According to some research which has been conducted in 2015, 56% of Americans believe in the recreational use of marijuana. And if are talking about patients who suffer from the severe condition and fighting the hardest illnesses, marijuana comes as a great relief, even when medications cannot help anymore. People need to understand how Barak Obama changed the course of history and helped people to feel less pain.
During the New Hampshire’s campaign trail, he said he wasn’t proud of his actions and that young people tend to make foolish things. But, that’s not something that should be judged. Nobody is perfect, we all did things we aren’t too proud of, and we don’t want to parade that in front or newspapers.

Tom Angell, the chairman of organization Marijuana Majority, said that allowing marijuana in medical purpose is a great victory for American people. He spent years fighting penalization of marijuana.
He said that Barak Obama in many ways was a great president, but also in other very disappointing. A lot of patients lost the right to use medical marijuana treatment under George W. Bush administration. But, Barak Obama rectified that.
The president wasn’t sitting in Oval Office thinking how to legalize marijuana to attract more support from the voters. That was just the normal course of events that was bound to happen one day.