President Barak Obama will support Hilary Clinton in New Hampshire

Democratic headquarters of the presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton, announced that President of United States Barak Obama would join them in New Hampshire for a last – minute rally to support Hilary Clinton. The event is being called “Get out to vote, ” and the public is more than welcome to come. All interested people can apply through an online form and confirm their attendance. Since 2012, this is the first time that Obama is visiting New Hampshire. In 2012, former President Bill Clinton accompanied him; they have managed to attract the largest crowd of people known in the history of the state.

When Obama arrived in New Hampshire, he fired up the crowd. He urged people to vote for Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. Nearly 8,000 people came to greet him. New Hampshire is a state known to be a battlefield that can change the outcome of the elections. Recent polls have shown that fight between Hilary Clinton and Donald Tramp is tied up, but some polls have shown the lead of Hilary Clinton.

Barak Obama mentioned Trump’s candidacy stating that he cannot bear the weight the changes they started. And is they don’t win tomorrow all the effort will go down the drain. Looking backward, he said that New Hampshire is a small state, but also one of the most important ones.

Obama said that Donald Trump is unfit to lead a state. He made a joke about Trump’s Twitter account, saying that his closest advisors forbid him to use Twitter. They took away his account, how are you going to trust him with nuclear codes?

The crowd waited for several hours to see Barak Obama. This will probably be his last visit to New Hampshire as the president of America.