When people who have never lived in New Hampshire or Vermont visit here, they often say they feel like they’ve come home. Our urban center, commercial districts, small villages and industrial enterprises are set amid farmlands and forests. This is a landscape in which the natural and built environments are balanced on a human scale. This delicate balance is the nature of our “community character.” It’s important to strengthen our distinctive, traditional settlement patterns to counteract the commercial and residential sprawl that upsets this balance and destroys our economic and social stability.

– Richard J. Eward, Proud to Live Here

Captain John Mason named this abundant land as “New Hampshire” after the English country of Hampshire where he had enjoyed a number of his years as a child. Although Captain John Mason financed over 22,000 pounds in clearing the land, building several houses and investing in the protection of his land grant, he died in England, before ever seeing his assets in the modern world.

No words can adequately describe the beauty of New Hampshire. From the heavily forested North Country, to lush river valleys, to historic coast, to its jagged mountains and clear blue lakes, New Hampshire is without a doubt, the kind of state that makes you feel at home. Each season yields a bounty of activity in New Hampshire. Skiing and snowshoeing during winter; maple-sugaring during spring; peaceful walks through autumn’s fiery colors; and swimming in mountain streams during summer. A lot can be said about its scenery, but the truth is, there’s no terrific word suitable enough to explain it.

Albeit all its physical features, quality of life in New Hampshire is equally important. Some factors related to New Hampshire’s lifestyle can be summarized below:

• Music Scene- music fans will better appreciate music by the Dover Brickhouse, the Bank of the New Hampshire Pavilion, and the Verizon Wireless Arena- which USA Today tagged as one of America’s Top 10 Music Venues.
• Schooling- New Hampshire has various private/ non-government schooling options, including religious schools, boarding schools, and traditional ones.
• Economic and Financial Stability-New Hampshire students top in terms of knowledge regarding fundamental economics and financial concepts.
• Fun Attractions- New Hampshire is known for having varied fun attractions and activities including some indoor surfing, rock climbing, skydiving, NASCAR, comedy bars, and the likes.
• Proactive Social Community- New Hampshire encourages weekly events like Taproom Tuesdays and Social Sundays. Thus, Hampshirites maximize weekly schedules with their social community.
• Safety- New Hampshire is constantly ranked as the “safest state to be” based on its low homicide rate.
• Shopping- New Hampshire offers a tax-free shopping. Aside from traditional shopping malls, New Hampshire is also home of many local markets.

Aside from the aforementioned factors, New Hampshire is also awarded as the “Best State to Live” in a recent study made by the StateMaster. Given all the facts, it is essential to constantly celebrate and be up to date to the latest news around New Hampshire. Thus, this serves as the goal of this blog- to provide New Hampshirites the newest trends and news all pertaining to New Hampshire. We believe that it is of utmost importance to engage ourselves to any updates, announcements, and issues concerning our State. “Granite Staters” (derived from the most popular nickname of New Hampshire) aims to satisfy its readers with only the latest and unique updates straight from the Granite State.

With this, we look forward to celebrating the New Hampshire lifestyle with you.

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